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Getting started

Welcome above to the world of Flight Simulators! Just before the beginning – let me warn you, once you’re into it, there is no way out. You wouldn’t belive how addicting is the feeling of holding your yoke (or joystick), pulling it and seeing the airplane goes up to the sky and then, without you feel it – getting on the airport’s approach and land your Boeing triple-seven.

But yet, as babies don’t learn how to walk by running, no-one should begin his flight “career” with the jumbos. As pilots in the real world out there begin with Cessnas (this small airplane with the cute proppelor on it, scrolls down and you’ll see what I mean), so should Flight Simulators players; pilots, to be exact.

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is the most common training aircraft in the world, it is beening used by real pilots on thier beginning, by people who just want to enjoy non-commerical and “easy” flight and by… you. One day you’ll look back and just joke about the days you sat infront of your computer screen trying to fly the Cessna 172 on FSX (Flight Simulator X). Untill that happens, you should get equiped with the best airplane and sceneries that exist, just to make sure that once you get to the real Cessna, you will recognise everything you see infront of you.

The first thing is getting the base, Flight Simulator X (FSX) Gold Edition – this is basically the simulator we will be using. Once you got it from FlightSim Pilot Shop, you will be able to start your flights easily; you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to just scheudle a flight. It takes two, maybe three clicks and a few moments and you’re sitting there, on the runway with your Cessna 172.

The next thing – and even more important is getting the aircraft. Carenado – C172N Skyhawk II X allows you to simulate reality in its best as the default Cessna 172 is not realistic when it comes to flying. Wouldn’t you prefer to fly something that is closer to reality?

Now, once you got your simulator and your aircraft, you’re ready to go! Go ahead and fly!

Have a nice flight over there!

PS: If you would like a nice and short route, just make sure to takeoff from Seattle Tacoma International airport, continue straight for a few moments and just land in the airport you’ll see.Good luck!

Flight Simulator X (FSX) Gold EditionCarenado - C172N Skyhawk II X

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Welcome to London (X) !

London is England’s capital city and an awsome place to visit. Aerosoft decided to do thier best and got London into your personal computer; your simulator, actually. With more than 50,000 fill objects, 30,000 building objects and over 120 kilometers of 3D cityspace – they made an ever better London thats goes staright in to your flight simulator X.

You can get your VFR experience even better using Aerosoft’s HUGE and AMAZING scenery that covers many of London. Remmber – when it comes to Flight Simulators, quality should not be left away!

For $34.99, that dream could be yours in just a few moment using FlightSim Pilot Shop secured checkout. What are you waiting for?

Get LONDON VFR for Microsoft Flight Simulator X now!

Aerosoft - VFR London X

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VATSIM – what is it and how it actually works?

I guess some people wondered what is that “VATSIM” thing that stays on the blog’s title. So, well – VATSIM stands for Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network, or in even more simple words – it lets you fly ONLINE with other pilots and air traffic controllers.

VATSIM lets you simulate reality at its most by communicating with the controllers just like in the real thing, but it requires some pre-flight preparations (and no, it’s not about checking the plane up), we’ll talk about it later.
In order to connect to this kingdom of simulators (!) you need to follow a few simple steps that are listed easily on website.

For registration click here and once you have your own VATSIM id, press here!


As I said, VATSIM requires some pre-flight preparations that include a few steps:

  1. Make sure you understand how ATC communication works or else VATSIM is not useful for you! Consider taking a look at this guide.
  2. Know your airport(s), take a look at the airports charts.
  3. Make a propper flight plan (VFR and IFR)
  4. Have the curernt sceneries

Make sure to check out the charts!



So, we learned the basic of VATSIM, I guess you would understand everything else by yourself.


Have a nice flight!!!


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